The Project and Conservation Group

The Project Group has been set up to ensure that renovation works of churches in Szczebrzeszyn and Dołhobyczów are conducted efficiently. The group includes representatives of: the investor, conservation officers, inspectors of construction supervision and contractors of renovation and conservation works. The role of the group is to cooperate in order to ensure that the renovation works planned in the project PLo242 “Renovation of the historic Orthodox churches of Lublin-Chełm Diocese. Szczebrzeszyn. Dołhobyczów. Stage II” are conducted properly. The group organizes meetings once a month where any doubts and problems can be quickly solved. The meetings also help to supervise that all the works are realized according to the schedule.

The International Project Group includes, apart from the above mentioned members of The Project Group, representatives of the Norwegian Cultural Institute and organizes meetings once in three months but not rarely than once in six months. There has also been set up The International Conservation Group that consists of representatives of: the Voivodeship Office of Preservation of Heritage, branch in Zamość; contractors of conservation works and the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage.