Orthodox Home for Elderly People
‘A human being matters the most’ - this is a motto of Orthodox Home for Elderly People of Lublin-Chełm Diocese. The most important aim of that Home is to help those in need. The Home is situated in Lublin at Dolińskiego Street. It was built between 1994-2003. Financial help was granted, among others, by: The Social Insurance Institution, the Church Fund in Ministry of Interior and Administration, National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund, Fund of Polish-German Cooperation, Fund Renovabis. What is more, Evangelical Church Centre Balingen, Greek Orthodox Church and ordinary people from Poland and abroad donated money for that undertaking. The Home is an independent organization entity that is subordinated to Bishop of Lublin-Chełm Diocese. It works according to the act on social help and ordinance of Minister of Social Policy on homes for elderly people. It is an institution of permanent stay for elderly people and for chronically ill patients. Today there live 26 people. The organization is aimed at creating conditions of safe and peaceful life for its residents, granting them intimacy, independency and helping to develop their own personality. Those aims are achieved through providing following services: 1) satisfying basic needs, giving a place to live, food, clothing and shoes; maintaining the cleanliness, 2) helping in basic vital activities, including feeding, dressing, washing those, who cannot do that themselves as well as helping in dealing with personal matters, 3) organizing occupational therapy, developing abilities, enabling to satisfy religious and cultural needs, creating conditions for developing home rule, relations with family and environment as well as helping to achieve self-independency, 4) organizing healthcare – there are nurses in the Home. The Home enables residents to visit doctor when they need it and provides them with medications, first-aid items or orthopedic items as well as enables them to have a rehabilitation ordered by doctors. The residents have twenty-four-hour care provided. There is qualified personnel - nurses, carers and maids, a person who works in the education field, a psychologist and a person conducting occupational therapy. In the Home there are 19 single and double rooms with bathrooms (there is a toilet, a washbasin, a shower or a bathtub), a kitchen, a rehabilitation room, a room for occupational therapy, a television room, a chapel and a dining room. There is an elevator and a wheelchair ramp so that residents can move without problems.